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Saderr, Sep 29, 11 7:45 PM.
No it is not madatory.. Yet... But is is very helpful for members to download the MyRolePLay and Griphon Heart Items Add-ons. They are found at under the W.O.W. Roleplay Add-ons. The purpose of MyRolePLay is that is allows you to set up your backstory, apparence (Height, Weight, Eye Color Ect.), and other many important traits in Rp. All these things that you set can be veiwed by anyone who also have MyRolePLay (MRP). Now Griphon Heart Items (GHI) Is most important. It allows you to make custom items for Rping. The reason this is so vital is because. Many of the Rping, missions, groups, ect. Involve GHI items, and without them the Rp experience of the mission is not fully fufilled. So please download these. Any questions just contact me In game or on the Guild Page.

Heavy Rp

Saderr, Sep 29, 11 7:39 PM.
Our ranks are rising! The Medium Rping we usually do will not safice anymore. Heavy Rp is mandatory. For those who are not sure what that is. It means you must stay In Character basically at all times. There may be instances when Out of character chat is in order, but it is rarely.
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Any recruits willing to enlist into the military. Weather your an experienced general, or a non-expeirienced farmhand. A peacful Ambassador, a swift scout, or a brutal barbarian. If your willing to work, were willing to recruit and train you. Be the next enlisting soldier for the Alliance Barracks.
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